Head in the Clouds strikes a near perfect balance between storytelling and interactive elements of play for very young audiences.

Andrew Latimer, Festmag Full review

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Shhh... the elves are very shy

Credit: Daryl Cockburn and Paul Kozinski

Dr Fay Greenwood is an elfologist, an expert in all things elf and has brought two of her tiny friends to meet us. The trouble is that, like all elves, they are very, very shy and will need a lot of encouragement if they are going to come out to play. Maybe you can help?

Written and performed by Charlotte Allan with camera work by Paul Kozinski, Shhh... the elves are very shy was first developed for performance at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline as part of their Tiny Little Christmas programme in 2017

Here's a link to the trailer

"Magical and really engaging. Our 2 year old little boy was mesmerised by you and your signing. Thank you" Audience member