Head in the Clouds strikes a near perfect balance between storytelling and interactive elements of play for very young audiences.

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Credit: Tim Dyer and Geraldine Heany

Calvinball was billed in The List's Best Shows for children at the Edinburgh Festivals 2017, watch the trailer here

Lively, musical and slightly wild, this is an outdoor performance that draws on the natural curiosities of children (and ex-children). Inspired by the game played by Calvin and Hobbes in their comic strip, it's part Mornington Crescent, part Caucus-race; we know the rules are out there somewhere and the only way to find them is to play and see.

Developed in part with improvisational theatre techniques, we've tackled our aim of encouraging play head on. Building on our experience with under threes we focused on making a theatre experience that was accessible to curious and active toddlers - and whoever they bring with them.

Written and facilitated by Charlotte Allan, Calvinball was originally developed and performed by EmmaClaire Brightlyn, Robbie Gordon and Maria Giergiel. The 2017 remount was directed by EmmaClaire Brightlyn and performed by Robbie Gordon, Christie Russell-Brown and Camille Marmie. 2019 will see Charlotte performing with Paul Kozinski and Amy Conway, directed by Janis Marshall-Reilly

Chatiry World Review · "This show is our top pick for babies and toddlers so far!"

Festmag Review · "It was amazing."

"Perfectly pitched outdoor show for toddlers" The List

**** Three Weeks

**** Fest Mag