Head in the Clouds strikes a near perfect balance between storytelling and interactive elements of play for very young audiences.

Andrew Latimer, Festmag Full review

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Head in the Clouds

Sheep mustn’t look up. They should keep their feet on the ground and listen to the sound advice of Cirrus the serious sheepdog. When a sheep looks up she sees the clouds floating like a flock of friends in the sky and so gently she drifts up to join them. Before you know it all the sheep are floating up above and poor Cirrus is left below trying to bring these woolly-headed dreamers back to earth.

This is a performance that surrounds with sound, touch and visual treats. Guided by the performers, all audience members are invited to help create the atmosphere and landscape of the story.

We have performed in a variety of locations around central Scotland, including a sell out run at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2013 and a 2014 tour which included the Highlands and Islands.

Head in the Clouds is written by Charlotte Allan and was first developed with artist, performer and pedagog Calum Coutts

Original music by hang player Edward Coulson.

Actor and improvisor Euan Cuthbertson joined as a performer in 2013

Here are some of the comments left by audience members:

“A great way to introduce wee ones to theatre”

“Great - three year old and three month old enjoyed it”

“liked the interactive nature”

“A beautiful, whimsical story. A lovely, tactile show for little folk”

“I like it beciuse the seep fly up in the air”