Head in the Clouds strikes a near perfect balance between storytelling and interactive elements of play for very young audiences.

Andrew Latimer, Festmag Full review

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Supported by Imaginate's Ideas Fund, Giantlands is in the early stages of development with Charlotte collaborating with artist and designer Geraldine Greene and musician Oliver Searle.

Do you remember when the world began? When it was ruled by giants? I think we all do. I believe we all hold these untethered memories, somewhere within us, of being held in the arms of powerful, benevolent, enormous beings. I do not think the presence of giants in so many creation myths is a coincidence.

Giantlands is an idea for a piece of outdoor, promenade theatre for under fours and their families. We know it will be a story about giants who garden, that it will be interactive and be visually playful on the theme of scale - tiny things huge and huge things tiny; there will be order and disorder, growing things.