Edinburgh Fringe Reviews for Calvinball

Chatiry World Review · "This show is our top pick for babies and toddlers so far!"

Festmag Review · "It was amazing."

Head in the Clouds

We're nearly ready to start our tour with the sheep flying far and wide across Scotland.

Opening at the Carnegie Hall (where else) and closing at the beautiful Isle of Coll (aka Struay) we're looking forward to meeting lots of new people! All the tour dates and information are up and there's a little more about Head in the Clouds


Thanks to everyone big and small who came out and played with us in the Royal Botanic Garden this summer. We had a lot of positive feedback from families and from theatre people. Sometimes it rained but mostly it didn't and even when it did we sang, played and danced in the rain. More about Calvinball

Ipdip productions

“A beautiful, whimsical story. A lovely, tactile show for little folk”

J. Brightman, parent at Head in the Clouds