This gentle and well-paced package of sensory treats kept the very young audience utterly transfixed throughout and often giggling with pleasure.

Karen, one4review Full review

Big Lottery Funding

01 Mar 2017

Had to keep the big news under wraps for a while but now we can shout it from the rooftops! This spring we have received funding from Awards for All to support two weeks of free performances of Head in the Clouds. These shows will run alongside our Puppet Animation Festival tour and take place as visits to groups of young families who wouldn't otherwise be accessing live performance. It's an ambition Ipdip has had from the very beginning so we're super-excited to be realising it!

Puppet Animation Festival Tour

20 Feb 2017

We're delighted to be touring Head in the Clouds with the Puppet Animation Festival this Easter - on the festival website you can see some of the excellent company we'll be keeping. And if you have a look at our dates page and see if we'll be coming to a venue near you!

Sell-out Laurels

27 Oct 2016

We're very happy to announce that Head in the Clouds has been given Sell-out Laurels from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August. A full run of packed out shows officially recognised by the Fringe Society with these majestic leaves. Thank you!

Head in the Clouds

05 Oct 2016

Cirrus had a marvellous time in August, meeting hundreds of new friends and never once letting the sheep escape out into the gardens. The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh was once again an excellent, beautiful venue; and this year we were in fine Fringe company with other great baby theatre happening across the city (as noted by Lyn Gardner on her Guardian blog). Time now for a little rest to plan our spring tour and start working on some new ideas...


05 Jun 2016

Anonymouse had a splendid time touring as part of the 2016 Puppet Animation Festival making new friends across Scotland. We also made a trip down to Cockermouth in the Lake District and now have a taste for adventure we hope to expand on in the future. There is more here about the show itself and you can watch this little film made by Jack Nurse at Wonder Fools


05 Oct 2015

Our outdoor performance for babies was first played in Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games and then as part of the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe in the beautiful Botanics. In the summer of 2015 we toured to sunny green spaces around Scotland, occasionally damp muddy ones, and shared a lot of joy. There's more about the piece here.

Ipdip productions

“A beautiful, whimsical story. A lovely, tactile show for little folk”

J. Brightman, parent at Head in the Clouds